School Lunches

I packed a school lunch as a mother for the first time today. Tomorrow is Cora's first full day at school. That means she needs a lunch. She loved the Pad Thai we had for dinner, and she excitedly accepted the leftovers. In addition to that, she has a whole carrot peeled and cut in two, cubed mango, and some roasted seaweed. It's all in the fridge waiting to go in her lunchbox tomorrow morning.

I was going to let her pick out a new lunchbox for the school year, but she wanted to use one that was given to her by a friend a few years ago. It's pink and it has a white cat wearing a crown with purple glittery bursts around it, and it reads "Princess." The only thing that would make it more up her alley would be if it had a unicorn or mermaid on it. 

The girls have enjoyed their first two days of school. When I went to get them on the first day, Magnolia wasn't ready. I pulled forward in the carpool line and their PE teacher came and told me they were changing her clothes. Bless her little heart, she had an accident right before school was over. We went through some major potty training regression when we were in Alabama. I think she's still getting over it. She hasn't had an accident since the one at school, and she's been telling me to go outside the bathroom every time she goes so she can do everything "by myself."

I cried for 30 minutes after we dropped them off the first day. I did great today. I'm sure Goo will be upset tomorrow when we drop Cora off and not her (she only goes Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). She and I might both cry a little, but I have some fun things planned. I know when I pick Cora up tomorrow afternoon, all will be well, but thinking about her being gone for twice as long as I'm used to...not eating every meal with her... This is the part that keeps getting me choked up.

Here's Magnolia looking out the window while we were in the carpool line this morning. 


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