Swimming and Clams [and jelly fish]

Today was lovely and fun. I got to see more of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, but most of our time was spent playing at the beach. The girls love going through the waves and making sand castles.

While we were in the pool, Cora put on a "mask" pair of goggles, and a miracle happened - she could swim! She always attempts to swim at the weirdest angle because she doesn't want her head to go under. With the goggles on, she puts her head low to the water and her feet come up behind her, and she's off. I was really proud of her.

We spent time finding clams and watching them dig back down into the sand. We've found so many pieces of sand dollars - one of these times we'll find a whole one, I just know it. ;) We've loved watching dolphins swim by. There are so many fish and little creatures. I've been a little nervous over talk of a hammer head shark, but it's all good. 

Not long after we got to the beach this morning, Jake took Cora out on the boogie board. They hadn't been out for too long when there was lots of screaming. Screaming Cora that is. I met them out in the water and carried her in. She was stung by a jelly fish. I've never seen a jelly fish sting before. It took a while to show itself entirely, but Cora was awesome. After the initial screaming and shock and terror that something had "bit" her in the water, it didn't take long for her to get her mind off of it. It got the back of both legs. I'm hoping that since we got jelly fish stings out of the way right off the bat, we won't have to deal with anymore such things.

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  1. Yuck! Poor Cora! You will have to tell us how the beach there is and awesome places to go. That is our reunion place for 2015. So excited!



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