What we're eating this week

I posted a picture of my weekly menu and the grocery list that went along with it, and my down-the street-neighbor, Jenn, not so slyly hinted that she'd like to see a blog post about it as her family is now dairy-free and just about meat-free.

Here is that post.

First, one of my all-time favorite recipe websites is Post Punk Kitchen. I love it. It's fun, and I've never made anything I haven't loved. This week, tonight actually, we made Mushroom Hot Pot. It's amazing. It reminds me of fall, just as Isa said it would. Our add-ins were broiled tofu and rice noodles. I've made it before with several of the other add-ins as well. I enjoy making it my own. Click on the picture for the recipe:

Last night we had roasted vegetables and brown rice. One of these days I'll tell you how I cook my rice, but today is not that day. This meal is a staple in our house. My very favorite roasted veggies are cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and mushrooms. The possibilities are limitless!

The last one I'll share tonight is one I haven't tried yet. Up for a story? Okay.

I am still mourning the loss of Matthew Kenney - the restaurant. It was a raw/vegan restaurant in OKC with the most amazing food. It was my favorite. It just up and shut down after three years of feeding folks in OKC raw food. I loved the Warm Kale Salad, and have been looking to recreate that flavor. I did a google search and came across a blog post from a woman who was in Matthew Kenney's raw food chef class, and she happened to share a recipe for the Chipotle Kale Salad she learned to make there. The warm kale salad definitely had chipotle going on. I can't wait to try it.

Also on our menu for this week is jambalaya and pizza. The jambalaya comes from a cookbook by the Mischeff Sisters. My Aunt Vickie, who is Seventh-day Adventist, sent me two of their cookbooks. I enjoy them. The jambalaya is superb, and I'll post the recipe at a later date. Pizza's pizza, yo. I usually go for a thinner crust, but since this summer, I've been making the thickest, most pillow-y amazing crust that my cousin Alissa shared with me. It's like crazy thick. My girls LOVE it. I'll post that too sometime if anyone is interested.

And for anyone who thinks I always eat super healthy food, I'm about to keep it real and tell you that I'm going to go have some Nutter Butters. I love them more than oreos dipped in milk.


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