I have been in love with vegetables for the last few days. Vegetables combined with my love for side dishes set the perfect stage for eating the same meal for dinner two nights in a row. We made it when some friends came over on Monday night, and then I needed it again on Tuesday. I call it vegging and wanted to share it with you.

I LOVE roasted vegetable. Here are the players, minus one of the two potatoes. I was using russet potatoes, but if I would have had new/red potatoes, I would have left the skin on.

I've only had brussel sprouts once before in my life. I hated them. They were bitter and soggy. I decided I'd be brave and try them again. I sliced up all the veggies. The brussel sprouts were cut in two. The potatoes and eggplant were diced.

How I diced up the eggplant.

I drizzled* it all with olive oil and sprinkled some kosher salt and ground some pepper on.
*Drizzle the olive oil BEFORE you add the eggplant. Eggplant is a big sponge and soaks up olive oil on contact. It's much easier to just toss the eggplant in with the other veggies after the others are evenly coated.
Throw it into a 425 degree oven for 35-40 minutes, stirring the whole gang after about 20 minutes.

All roasted up. YUM!

We ate it with some salad tossed with olive oil and a bit of kosher salt and some brown rice.


  1. Good grief, Brie. That dinner looks so healthy and yet, amazing. Ha. Wish I could have been there to participate in the meal. Your photos look beautiful. Which veggies did Coco like?

  2. Her favorite was definitely eggplant, and her least favorite was either the zucchini or bell pepper. I say "least" favorite, but she still ate all of them, just the last two a little slower than the rest. She loved the orange bell pepper that wasn't cooked in the salad. I think it has something to do with the crunch.



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