Not today.

I was talking to my cousin Kiersty the other day, and we were discussing a lack of updates. I told her I didn't want to bore anyone with the gory details of this pregnancy, but I did let her in on my grand idea. I thought it would be fun if I took a picture of my puke and had people guess what I'd eaten. Lucky for you, I still have a few ounces of restraint.

Christmas week was a little lighter on the vomit. This week has been lighter on the constant nausea but heavier on the barf. (I hope you've noted that I've included puke, vomit, and barf so far. You were keeping track? Good.) Today I threw up in my hair for the first time. One hand was pushing the door open, the other was lifting the lid on the toilet. My hair swung in front of my face, and that was that.

And tonight I hurled some tortilla soup. It left me with some wicked heartburn that tums have yet to take care of.

I'm currently watching a PBS special on Garrison Keillor (Prairie Home Companion) and missing the buzz of our holiday visitors. And missing Oklahoma. And wondering what this new year will hold. I'll be way cooler soon, and post some pictures of my growing daughter...and my growing belly. I've been feeling Indee move for the last few days. The first big move I felt with Cora was at 15 weeks at an OCU wind-phil concert during a Martin Mailman piece. It was magical. And this is no less so.

[I'm 14 weeks 2 days today - just in case you're keeping track of that too.]


  1. I'm sorry! That stinks to puke all the time. You lose your behind while pregnant? Lucky. Mine always grew two sizes and I only lost one size when it was all over. Sad.

  2. Throw up, puke, vomit, what ever you call it- it's no fun! Throwing up in the hair is sooo not fun- then you have to shower and wash your hair all over again- when for me it took me all day to get in the shower in the first place- the first few months- how do we survive?
    I know- the sweet little bundle we get to hold and kiss and cuddle when it's all over is so worth every puke, vomit, barf....
    I agree with Larae- I am jealous you loose your butt, mine grows and doesn't shrink back too nicely either!

  3. I am so glad for updates- but mostly because I am terrible these days about calling and hearing how things are- so even if it is a post about upchucking...I want to read it- Thanks for the indulgence!

  4. I am so sorry about the puke...vomit...barf...etc. I really wanted to include those words in my Christmas card, but I restrained myself. They were really a huge part of 2009 for me! I really hope things improve soon...from one who understands! Its one of those things that not every pregnant woman understands, but those of us who do sure can empathize! Aren't we the lucky ones. I too threw up tortilla soup a few weeks ago and I don't know if I will ever bring myself to eat it again. It was very very bad and I too had a burning throat for days! Reading about you brought it all back in perfect memory! Just know you aren't alone. I am even missing OK too!

  5. i love you, ya big ol' barf bag!!
    i hope you feel better soon! i am sad i am not there to help. not with the puking but i could totally play with cora! next time you write about up-chucking please include the word "spew"...i love that one!! :)

  6. I'm sorry you are still feeling so crappy. I am with both Alissa and butt just grew and I am looking at it and my flabby gut thinking how last week it was cute and now it is gross!

  7. i love that everyone has commented on your up-chuck reflex! i'm going to comment on garrison keillor. he's great! we bought my father in law tickets to his show a couple yrs ago. i love that i can find him on the radio every once and a while on my drive home from work!

  8. I didn't know you were expecting again!!! How exciting! Congratulations!!! :D



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