Ski Jumping.

When we moved to Chicago, we picked up an extra digital channel by NBC, Universal Sports. I love it. It first caught my attention when it played old Ironman triathlons. I can't help myself, I like seeing a place I've been, and watching people push it to the limit in extreme conditions. I also enjoy the lovely narration, just like during marathons.

Then it took a turn of cycling races. I love watching the pack move together in unison around curves. I also like seeing how bikes and helmets have evolved over the years.

Lately, Ski jumping has been on, though I believe it's officially called ski flying at this level. I used to love watching it as a kid too, most likely because I've always been obsessed with flying.
There isn't a lot of variation between each jumper, but the slightest alteration in technique, wind, etc., makes such a huge difference. Such is life?

Side Dishes.

Jake told me I don't want real food, I just want side dishes. I scoffed at first, but it's true. Last night I made some Mexican Cornbread because I thought it might taste good. It wasn't.

For lunch (it's still sitting next to me), I had saltines with a tuna concoction on them. It wasn't tuna salad officially because I don't like onions or pickles right now. It did have some mayo and salt and pepper. But it wasn't Hellman's, and that was unfortunate. I don't know what I was thinking when I strayed from my course. I secretly called it pate, though if you gave me real pate, I would most likely spew. Minus the fact that I ate almost an entire can of spam in the early weeks of this pregnancy, and I didn't throw it up for a while. And throwing it up wasn't that bad, maybe it was a relief.

I've also really been wanting some queso. Nothing fancy, just normal velveeta and rotel, but I never add as much Velveeta as the box says. Eww. So side dishes it is.

PS: I took Cora to the doctor today for a follow up appointment to see how some allergy medicine was working. She's had a runny nose for the past few days, but no fever, so I asked if the doctor could check her ears since she is prone to ear infections. Definitely an ear infection. When we got home the fever kicked in, but it could also be from her immunization. Sweet girl. It was supposed to be an easy visit.


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