The Answer to the Question.

When I saw these...
I secretly hoped I was having another girl. I love felt flowers. LOVE them. You should see my collection of felt. I was browsing Etsy for headbands one day, and these beauties came up, and I couldn't help but have to have one, and actually have a reason to use it.

Well, I am in luck. Indee shall now be known as -

Magnolia Jane McInnes Johnson.

Do you love her already, too?

PS: The headbands are by Lou and Lee. You can find their etsy shop by clicking on the pictures or This Link.

And. I love the name Magnolia. Jane is my Grammy's middle name. McInnes is her maiden name. [Betty Jane McInnes (Lund Lee).] Now you know.

And Lastly. Even though it was pretty apparent she's a girl, I still always wonder. The doctor didn't zoom (Yes, a doctor rather than a sonographer scanned me because I'm being seen by my OB as well as another set of doctors/nurses who keep track of high risk pregnancies). It made me really miss Rachel, Jake's cousins wife, who was my personal scanner for Cora. She and her husband are due within days of us with a little boy. It is so exciting.


  1. Congrats guys! Cora will love having a little sister- they will be the best of friends!! Yeah for little girls!

  2. I love love love Etsy. I have a friend who owns a store in Enid called the Felt Bird and she actually sells on Etsy under stelabird. Her stuff is really neat. You should check it out.

    Congrats on the baby girl. I love that name. We found out we're having a little girl in May but I can't tell anyone the name. It's kind of killing me.

  3. Yes,I love Magnolia too, already! We are so happy for you!

    Oh, and I guessed girl. Just for the record.

  4. Little Magnolia. Love her, her name, and her sweet little family.

  5. Congratulations! I had a feeling you would have another girl! Cora will love having a little sister. Having 2 daughters close in age is wonderful!

  6. Oh how great! cute adorable name!!! How many wks are you?!?

  7. Oh I love her name! She'll be so cute just like Cora! I can't wait to meet her!

  8. Congrats on another little girl! And no way on the name-- some dear friends of mine in Austin just had a baby girl in December and named her Magnolia Jane. SUCH a precious name. xoxo



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