Becoming a Doula

I spent the weekend completing my doula training with Ana Paula Markel at Bini Birth. Ana Paula is an amazing instructor, but the training was made by the other wonderful women and man who took part in the three-day workshop with me. I went into the workshop really excited, but also considering it something I needed to "check off my list" in order to become a certified Doula with DONA International. The whole experience far exceeded my expectations. I got to spend time with some intelligent, caring people. Strangers on day one who quickly became friends. The entire group had such a warm loving energy. We all want to empower women and help families and communities. One of the ways we've chosen to do so is supporting them through birth.

I learned so many things! My mind is still reeling with all of the new information as well as the deepening understanding of things I was familiar with. In addition to attaining new knowledge, I'm also on an emotional high. I was deeply touched by the stories I heard, and also found myself processing a few of the stories of my life in new ways, including the births of my daughters.

All of it growth.

Becoming a doula in a new city is adding to the adventure. The last part of my certification process includes attending three births, so I need as much help as I can get networking! If you or someone you know in Los Angeles is interested in having a doula with them for their birthing experience, I would love to help.

Ana Paula Markel
Bini Birth is located in a beautiful space

Ana Paula with my comfort measures partner, Sabrina, demonstrating how to do an assisted double hip squeeze. [Photo credit Emylie Ellis]


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