Voting and Music and Pie

I want a Flavor-Flav-timepiece-sized "I Voted" sticker.

It's a badge of privilege all of us can wear.

I'm happy my sticker on this election day is teaching me many different ways to say "I Voted." Something about it makes me proud.

And I'm always proud to take part in this process. I feel it's more than just a right, it's a legacy.

Voting in California was good, but I couldn't help really really wishing I was voting in Oklahoma today. There have been few elections with something on the ballot that I felt so passionately about.

Speaking of Oklahoma…Tonight I'm going to a Patty Griffin concert. Patty Griffin and John Fullbright! Jake bought the tickets a while ago and has been holding out. [And for you non-Okies, John Fullbright is an Oklahoma musician.] A month or so ago I posted this:
If I had my druthers this evening, I would be in Oklahoma City at The Paramount eating key lime pie from Pie Junkie and listening to John Fullbright sing Me Wanting You.
Instead of Oklahoma City, I will be at a beautiful church in Los Angeles listening to two of my all-time favorites. But I'll probably still want some of Pie Junkie's key lime pie.

[The Cathedral Sanctuary at Immanuel Presbyterian]

Totally comparable. And then there's this:

[Key Lime from Pie Junkie]


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