I didn't write that Art, my Grammy's new husband passed away on Wednesday, the 16th. His funeral was on the 19th. It's a little bittersweet. An 83 year old man and an 80 year old woman trying to live life to the fullest at the very end. Their will and determination deserved a bit more. A lot more, what a lesson.

I went to the eye doctor on Friday, I very well could have been put into glasses full time, but we're trying to postpone that a bit. No matter what, the next time I go in, if my eyes have changed in the slightest, I'll join the ranks of "four-eyes" around the world. Eh, he said I had astigmatism and that my numbers were quite high for glaucoma. I'm going to have to figure out if that runs in my biological guy's family. If not, it's pretty likely I won't end up with that. YAY!

After Art died and I'd been thinking about he and Grammy and how they'd go drive out on his ranch for hours and have picnics and were getting ready to take the 4-wheelers out in Spring, I just want to make sure I'm making the most of this, of life, as it goes by so quickly, even if you get a second wind for it much later on. I tried on my swimsuit tonight, a lot to my dismay. I've gained 20 pounds since graduation. I don't have any current pictures with me, but you can really see it. I want to be so healthy because it's something I can actually control. I ran in-front of the full-length mirror we have and watched everything that I need to work on jiggle around. And please, it's not about how big or little you are, it's about how healthy you are, and I know I'm not in very good shape right now. I am completely out of breath when I get to my classes, and that's pretty silly. Anyway, I'm going to lose 10 pounds and then work to make sure I'm in great shape with what I have left. I really want to do it this time. Not just say it and go running a few times and then be done until my next dissatisfaction. I am going to lead a more healthy lifestyle.


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