Awareness and a Recital

I'm really sleepy right now. I've had so much to say all day, but now that I'm actually sitting down to say it, there's nothing. Today was a busy day for me. Mondays will always be busy for me this semester. I have one class from 9-10 and then classes from 12-8:40. I KNOW! I'm getting it done though, and there is definitely a great amount of pride in that. Our school is doing a cancer awareness week. A sorority and fraternity are actually heading it up. I think it's really important. One of the girls from the sorority passed away earlier this year from ovarian cancer. I didn't know her because she had been out of school doing treatments (I assume) and trying to get well since I'd been here. Her story really touched me though. She had been Miss OCU, and had a platform of fire awareness. I just think it's so sad. Whenever anyone young has cancer I think about Alex and how great his outcome was compared to so many others. Anyway, when she passed away I thought a lot about what I was doing in life, and whether or not I was living it to the fullest. I'm sure she could have never imagined not living past her early twenties. It's especially hard when the thing that took her life is so uncommon in young women. I guess what I'm trying to get at in all of this is make sure you're keeping current with all of your exams. Guys and Girls! Just because something is uncommon at our age doesn't mean it's impossible, so don't take any chances. Her name is Brooke Haley by the way. Maybe another point is you never know how the story of your life will touch others.

Jake's Junior Piano Recital is October 1, at 7:00 in Petree. It will be a real treat for anyone who can come! It would be a real treat for us to have everyone who wants to come there.


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