Lemonade Stand

My day was very good today, very fortunate. I'm quite blessed. My mother-in-law, Tracey, called us today and she, Jake's dad, Vaughn, and brother, Parker, all came up and they took us shopping for school clothes and out to eat. I got lots of great things and it was really just fun to spend time with them without all of the normal "life" interruptions that always seem to get in the way of a good visit. I didn't find any gauchos that I wanted (Who knew Judi Wharton was really ahead of her time), but I did find some jeans and shirts that I can stand up completely straight in. Thanks for the tips about the new longer lengths at Old Navy, Andrea.

I have so thoroughly enjoyed my time with Jake this weekend. Our lives are CRAZY during the school year. He leaves so early in the morning to go practice and doesn't usually get home until the evening. He brings me so much joy. I know that a life's full potential is amazing. I just never imagined it could ever be so wonderful. I am so in love with him.

Tonight on the news there was a 5-year-old little girl who wanted to help "all of the people that lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina." Her grandma told her she might be able to sell some lemonade, so she did. She stood out on the corner with a little stand that was decorated with grass skirts and leis. She was in her swimming suit and a grass skirt of her own. As cars drove up she asked the people if they'd like pink or yellow. She went through a little description of how she made the lemonade, which she said wasn't very hard, "you just mix a few cups of water with it and stir." I was just so touched by her and the sweet way she'd say thank you and you're welcome. I was just so glad that I got to hear her story. Now that I'm writing about it, I guess I can't really describe how exactly it made me feel. She raised $125 today and I think she's going to keep it up.


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