Pray with me!

Or you can just hope if you'd like. Jake and I went to visit some friends last night and to look at their apartment, yeah for Brandon and Jennifer and their wedding on December 31....and NO, they are NOT living together! They just went out and found an apartment for when they get married that Jennifer currently occupies. Anyway, the apartments are gorgeous! Jake and I hate where we live for several reasons. The only thing we like about it is that it's right across the street from school...and it is a bit endearing because it was our first apartment, but that's it! I still don't get any sleep!
So I called the leasing agent for our friends’ apartments (which is a very small complex) and there just happens to be an opening for the apartment that is perfect for us. It has crown molding! CROWN MOLDING! Our apartment doesn't even have baseboards! So I went to talk to our leasing office about breaking our lease. The manager was not there. She's never there when we've needed to talk to her and she won't be back until tomorrow. Anyway, I think it might be difficult to get out of our lease, but hopefully they'll just give us credit for being here for so long and I don't know, not being loud! You can get out of your lease if someone takes over, I just don't know if anyone will be in the market. That's a guaranteed out. We just don't want to be here anymore and a great apartment is open, sigh. Just send good wishes our way that we'll be able to put this place behind us...Did I mention that the apartment we want has washer and dryer connections? It also has REAL tile...not our peeling up, cracked linoleum. It also has a fire place, a private balcony....EVERYTHING we've been looking for! AND it's twice as big as our apartment for $200 less per month. I know, you can fall over now too. Our view would be trees, not a parking lot. And I bet the air conditioning comes on without having to slam the closet door shut. Anyway, Hope and pray with all your might!


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