A big ball of cheese

So I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but if you don't get enough sleep you feel a little sick to your tummy all day...Anyway, the reason: The guy upstairs music. He'd been listening to it all day long. Which is fine, it just makes me feel really anxious, why, I don't know. So Jake and I go to bed around 11ish (Jake gets up at 5), and he always falls asleep really fast, but I sure don't especially with the thumping coming from. 1:15 rolls around and there is still music...I just can't handle it so I go into the bathroom (the only place I can turn a light on and not disturb Jake) and write our neighbor upstairs a note in a card. It ended up being a very long note...what else did I have to do? I kind of introduced Jake and I and how Jake gets up at 5 because it's the only time he has to go and practice...and how I usually end up waking up at 5 too, even if I don't get up. You're asking: why didn't you just go ask him to turn it down? Jake had once...not last night, but our neighbor said he wouldn't play it at night. Okay. So I took the card up around 2ish and put it on a clip next to his door and came back down. Still music. I went upstairs again, knocked on his door and hand delivered it, asking that he please turn the music down. The awful part about it all, is that he's not some obnoxious, careless neighbor. He's really nice and his music wasn't even up very loud, our walls are just incredibly thin (and I'm a super light sleeper). I didn't want to be the "noise police," but I couldn't stand it any longer. With the three hours of sleep I did end up getting, and in thinking back on the whole thing...I might be one of the only people in the world to send a card to someone explaining all of the reasons why they should turn their music down.

Oh yeah, I think I’ve already talked about my sparkly shoes somewhere, but I’m going to talk about them again. I love them. I think everyone needs a pair of sparkly shoes. It just makes a heart happy.


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