4 down

Two finals left to go. Two finals and three essays. I feel REALLY great about 2 of them, pretty good about another, and I have no idea on one. I can never tell how I'm going to do on that professors tests.

Right now I'm wearing a t-shirt that used to be my moms that I've had basically my whole life as a night-shirt. I put it on tonight over two other shirts and it pretty much fits. Yay for Hardware Affaire in Laguna Beach, CA 1984. I'm also not wearing a bra. I don't know why that's important other than I was feeling completely constricted and now I'm not.

I finished reading the Book of Mormon today. Somewhere in the jungle of blogs I said that I was starting it..and now I'm done. I don't really remember how many times this is through. I love it even more every time I go cover to cover. You read and read and it's always such a treat to end up in the last chapter of Moroni...for anyone who wants to read it you can go here:


I hope that if any of you do look into it that you enjoy.

I'm going to freshen up my violin skills over Winter Break...ha, if I make it there. I am making it. I keep getting tempted to grab it down from the top of the closet, but I'll end up spending too much time on it and that wouldn't be good right now....good like writing this right now. Anyway, the only songs I remember in my head from my few years of playing are Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle (which means I also know the ABC's as well as Bah Bah Black sheep - how disappointing), I also remember a song called Perpetual Motion. Wow that was a long time ago, before I was even big enough for a full size violin. I'm also going to take a few piano lessons. I still have every intention of being the world's greatest church organist...yeah, that's right.

I still have an hour before I go get Jake and in all honesty, I could have gone to bed a few hours ago. He's playing for a percussion ensemble that rehearses from 9 PM-12 AM. If it wasn't finals week, I would be right there along with him, only usually in the library until it closes...only when it does close, creepy guys approach you with their hands in their pants and then come beside you, light a cigarette and try to make small talk. Thank heavens for cell phones, mom's, and the two hour time difference that existed at the time...and that OCU is a small campus.

I really miss Arizona - my homeland. It's in my blood...The desert is...the desert and the mountains, and the record to hitting rattlesnakes with my car, and the fact that all of them survived. Jake and I might go out for Spring Break. If we are able to, I want to go on two hikes. One to the petroglyphs, and the other to flat iron. I want Jake to know, by being a part of, what is so deep inside of me. I'm glad I got to grow up in such a magical place.


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