Survivor and Surviving Finals

Jake and I are in the midst of studying for finals. Bluh. I have four tomorrow! One is comprehensive of the whole semester, two are comprehensive from midterm, and one is just the unit we've been working on, (she breathes a sigh of relief). Jake has a a final that has two prep examples of the essay question that's going to be on the test. One of the questions doesn't even make sense. The way it's worded is like nearly impossible to answer. I feel really bad for that.

Okay, so in the midst of all the studying, I tuned into Survivor. I CANNOT believe that Stephanie didn't win. I was so disappointed. I just don't know how I can bring myself to watch it ever again. I’ve never really even been a big watcher of it anyway, I just really enjoyed her and Rafe. Yeah, so Danni's nice, but Steph totally should have won.


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