Tis the Season

Christmas was wonderful. I wish I could have spent some of it in Arizona, but it was lovely regardless. Jake and I bought two posters not long after we were married that we finally got to do something with. Jake's dad built frames for them and they're gorgeous. One is of the Statue of Liberty while it's still in Paris and under construction. It's going in our dining room. The other is of the Golden Gate Bridge, ironically, too, under construction, and it's going above our mantle. I couldn't stop starring at them when I saw the finished project.

I've been having a lovely time with Jake. I know I'm going to hate when school rolls around again. He's been playing piano and we've been singing church hymns and Ricky Ian Gordon. We've both been a little bit sick so the RIG stuff isn't at it's best, but I love to just be near him and love on him and talk, talk about everything and nothing and all of the things that we talk about that all the time remind me why he's the one I am supposed to spend my life with.

I have to wear glasses full-time now. I went to the eye doctor and my eyes have crossed the line, however(!), because of astigmatism, I have to wear a special kind of contact, a certain type that you can only get after your eyes have reached a certain level....mine are "one-click" away, so it's glasses "for the next 6-12 months." I had a time when I was looking at frames. I'd never picked anything out that is so permanent. I found a really cute pair that I wasn't anticipating discovering, but I couldn't not get them. I'll post a picture when they're actually in my possession.


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