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I have always been an avid blogger on myspace, but decided that maybe I should try a different approach - an approach that will most likely consist of me copying and pasting my myspace blogs here or these blogs there. With that being said, I'll start with a quick introduction of our family.

Jake and I met in April of 2003. April 11th, I believe, in Winter Park, Co. We were there at a music festival at the end of our senior year. He was with his band, I was with my show choir. His group was staying at the hotel where the competition portion of the festival was being held, and it just so happened that they didn't have anything planned, so they were in the ballroom watching. After we'd performed and changed, we went back in to watch the other choirs. Through the night we made our way from the back of the room up to the front. I was the first one to move up from my group. I saw this boy...It wasn't until a break in the competition that I heard someone say, he should get up and play piano between sets. I turned around out of mere curiosity, and I don't remember how the conversation began, but the piano player was the boy who I later found out was Jake. We started playing "the people game." I was on a hot streak, I've always thought I was a bit psychic, about guessing what some of the people's lives were like in the second row. We spoke until their chaparone came to take them back to their rooms. When I saw him leave the room, I turned to my best friend and said, "Sarah Keller, I didn't even get his last name." Her reply, "Go follow him." I thought about it for a moment then responded, "No, that would be way too stalkerish...if I see him tomorrow on the slopes, it will be fate."

Well, after I fell down the side of a mountain at the ski resort the next day, fate stepped up. I was waiting at the bottom of the main lift for Sarah so I could get the key to our locker and get my shoes because I was so over ski boots. I was standing with another friend who was also done (she went through a fence at the bottom of a run) when I spotted Jake. I tugged on her shirt and said, "there he is."

"There's who?" she responded loudly. He looked over and I turned my back to him! I shushed her. I was not a flirty, boy crazy girl, but I had that riduculous (and wonderful) fluttery feeling in my heart, and needed a minute to catch my breath. I told him the boy from last night. When I got over being giddy, I turned around to face him, and he was gone. My heart instantly sank. I turned back around to see where he'd gone, and he was right there facing me. He said, "hi," and I said, "hey," and we spoke for about 10 minutes until his friends lost patience and wanted to go eat lunch. I looked at my friend and said, "Maybe we should give skiing another shot." I was on my way out of the locker room when he came scooting up beside me. We spent the rest of the day together, with all of our friends of course. We happened to be sitting of the lift together when he pulled a piece of paper out of his coat pocket. He said, "I don't normally do this, but I knew I'd kick myseld if I didn't. Here's my information, you can do with it what you will." I opened this piece of paper he'd put together before he left his room that morning. It had all of his contact information on it.

After we left for the day, we saw one another again that night at the block party/awards for the festival. I'd scribbled my info on the backs of friends as we made our way to the "block." When he left that night, I could hardly stand the idea of never seeing him again. we left the next morning, I was sick the whole way home. When I did get home, I parked my suitcase in the living room and went into the computer and sent him an email first thing. To make a really long story a little less long, I went to Oklahoma to see him in July, he came to Arizona in August, and again when he "officially" proposed in October (another really great story). I went to see him in November for his birthday, Thanksgiving, and his baptism, and then we were married in Arizona on January 3, 2004. If you did the math, we were actually physically in one another's presence for about 3 1/2 weeks before we got married. Relationships are pretty amazing when you get to talk to someone for 2 1/2 hours (the life of his battery) every night.

Since then, we both went to and graduated from Oklahoma City University. He majored in Piano Performance, and I double majored in English and education. Jake is working on his master's in musicology at the University of Oklahoma and working as an accomanyist at OCU. I am a 9th grade English teacher at a great high school. I'm only working through the end of the school year and then I will stay at home with our sweet baby girl. Cora Adeline Grace joined our family on February 15, 2008. She came five weeks early, but with zero complications, except for a little jaundice. We are in absolute awe of her.

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  1. I was wondering how you guys met. That's a fabulous love story.



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