Oh my goodness

I'm a nursing machine - all hours of the night and day. I got up at 2:40 this morning, went the the bathroom really quick and then grabbed Cora and went into the kitchen to get something. I looked out the window to see if our neighbor was home because he's been gone for a few days. As soon as I look out there is this man coming out of our garage!!! It freaked me out! I jumped, and looked out again, and he's just walkin' away. He never saw me because we live on the second floor. Our garage is open in the front. It's enclosed besides that with a storage room behind it that can only be accessed through the backyard. The fence the the backyard was closed, so he was just in around our cars.We park our Fit in there, and the alarm never went off, so I wasn't too worried. I don't know if he was sleeping in there or what, but I feel so violated. It's strange knowing that someone is where they're not supposed to be when it infringes on your space...at 2:45 in the morning! We always have our front porch light on, which means it wasn't a totally dark decent up our impressively long driveway. The odds of me seeing him were so slim. Of all the times to look out the kitchen window...


  1. Freeky!! We had a guy steal our lawn edger out of our garage in the middle of the day last year! I totally felt violated!

  2. That is so freaky! You seem kind of calm aobut it- I would have had the police and anyone else I could get out there chasing him! I would totally feel violated too- it's creepy to think someone can be in your space and do what ever they want with out you knowing- ugg! I'm going to be paraniod all day now- thatnks a lot!!;)

  3. Wow! That's a little bit scary! Keep those doors locked! I'm so paranoid about things like that so Chris and I had a Brinks security system installed. It makes me feel a little bit better about myself.

  4. wow...that's just crazy. It seems so off to me because what guy would really just think they could walk wherever they want like that. but maybe its good you know someone can do that now at least so you can somewhat protect yourself? i dont know that sucks. i am paranoid about it...



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