Back to normal?

Jake returned to school this week.

It's quiet around here.

My little coconut and I play and laugh and eat and cry...when we're tired...and fall off beds.

Oh. Yes, big bruise on left temple. She hit her head, and mine ached all day.

I LOVE when Jake is home all day every day. It's a difficult transition to send him off into the dark, but this last semester of his masters seems to be the best yet, schedule-wise. I just finished up lunch with him before he had to be at work.

A little over a month ago I remember having this thought: "the house will be so much cleaner with Jake home." That thought was proven false. Who wants to pick up and do laundry when one is in fabulous company?

This morning I took care of all the floors. Coco's pointer finger is magnetic - every little crumb can't help but attach - and in the natrual way of babies, make its way directly into the mouth.



  1. I say take advantage of him being in school because now that Luke has a "real" job, I don't see him that much either... especially hard now that I am home and not in school. I probably didn't see him a whole lot when we were in school either, but at least then I knew that I would be temporary for that semester. Now I know it is more permanent and I JUST DON"T LIKE IT!
    Also, about Obama, I too am so excited for him. I also voted for him even though I don't agree with everything. I think lots of my mormon friends/family are not too happy about that but ya know what, I think he will do great, or at least the best he can! I just get bugged when people put on their blogs how sad they feel for out country now that he is elected... PLEASE! He will do great.

  2. Ha, I look forward to Jake having a "real" job sometimes. Him being able to swing by home before he goes to work is awesome this semester but it's the first time ever. He is usually gone by 7:30 and doesn't get home until 6 or 7 depending on the night....or for the last three semesters, one night at 8-8:30.

    One of the hardest adjustments to being home full time was definitely trying to justify in my head all the things I did vs. all the things he did in the time he was gone.

    About your Obama comment: I don't know how Democrat came to automatically equal liberal and Left, and Republican Conservative and Right...nor do I know how each side became so fearful of one another.



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