Snow* Days

Jake has been home this week because of an ice storm that came through on Monday and Tuesday. I'll admit, I suffer from a bit of ice storm anxiety. The ice storm in December 2007 left us without electricity for 3 days.
Our home is all electric.
We did read A Christmas Carol by candle/flash light. There are perks.

This year has been better. Our food isn't rotting in the fridge/freezer, and I'm warm. Lucy and Fit are cozied up in the street because we couldn't get them up our steep/narrow driveway. Cora was able to see snow for the first time. I got to go sledding for the second time in my life. [A steep driveway is very desirable for sledding.] I also got to wear my snow boots for the first time. They're pink, and kind of like wearing ski boots. But I didn't slide one bit on the packed snow.

I've also been quite productive - not in the way of cleaning or laundry, mind you. I finished Cora's butterfly mobile, made her a fish pillow out of fabric scraps left over from making aprons at Christmas, and have managed to bake cookies and make other yummy food.

Today Parker came to visit us [he went sledding with us] while Joel was in rehearsal at Lyric. He got some super sweet shots of us. You can check out his photog blog here. We played chicken foot and ate quesadillas and cookies.


  1. I love the pictures, but only wish there was one of your pink boots. I've been trying to envision them for several months now.

  2. it is so funny... we have snow that is piled outside of our front window (post pictures soon)... about a foot on the ground but we have received a lot more, but it melts and now is ice... roads are great to travel on... also, i like how your hubby has no jacket... it is like -9 here recently, and that is daytime, night is -35.

  3. I too would love to see a picture of you boots...and also the fish pillow- i'm interested to see how it turned out :)

  4. It looks like you guys enjoyed being iced in! I am so impressed with all your fun projects, I wish I were that creative! ;-) I love the family pic in the snow too, it is way cute! Cora is getting so big, what a sweetheart!



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