Solid. Solid as Barack.

I am one of those Americans with hope brightly beaming in my heart. And head.

I watched the festivities unfold on Inauguration Day. Cora and I danced around the living room after the oath of office. We cheered and cheered after the new president's first speech. I cried at a few moments. I loved seeing the new first family and their interactions - when Sasha grabbed her mother's hips and moved her aside so she could see what was going on.

I like Barack Obama. I like him a lot. I like that he was a community organizer. It makes sense with America as a community. There are too many factions. Too many sides. Too many people who complain but don't do anything to make it better. [My biggest pet peeve.] Don't we need someone to help us rally?

The truth is, I wasn't sure about Barack until the Democratic National Convention. Before that time I always said, "He has pretty words, but I'm not sure what they mean." At the DNC he elaborated and had 86.4% of my vote.

To be fair, I waited for the Republican National Convention. I am, after all, a registered Republican. I felt bad for McCain, not only because he was one of my favorites before he decided to run for president, but because I knew this was his last shot. My vote would have been out of pity.

The debates solidified my vote for Obama. I love his composure. I like when people can get their point across without falsehoods, hyped up "facts," or raising their voice.

This election was awesome. The only thing I wish would change would be those who don't get to know the issues, or listen to all of the candidates. There are lots of people who never listened to Obama and voted for McCain, as well as a lot who never listened to McCain and voted for Obama. Second, third, fourth, hundredth-hand information shouldn't be any one's deciding factor when they stretch out their arm to fill out their ballot.

Being informed and ready to do something about the issues is one of the most patriotic things an American can do.

I appreciated Diane Feinstein's opening remarks yesterday.

"The freedom of a people to choose its leaders is the root of liberty. In a world where political strife is too often settled with violence, we come here every four years to bestow the power of the presidency upon our democratically elected leader. Those who doubt the supremacy of the ballot over the bullet can never diminish the power engendered by nonviolent struggles for justice and equality, like the one that made this day possible. No triumph tainted by brutality could ever match the sweet victory of this hour and what it means to those who marched and died to make it a reality."

I'm so excited for the possibilities of what can come of us all pulling together and getting to work.


  1. I voted for McCain...but I was back and forth until the last minute. I am excited to see what President Obama can do. And because I am an American and because he is my president...I will support him. Not necessarily agree with all of his standpoints but support him nonetheless. Let's see if he makes the change...
    but I LOVE Michelle and the girls. I love Barack as a man and a speaker. I hope to learn to love him as a president.

  2. I think even more important than seeing if he makes the change will be if we help him get there. I think one of the neatest things about him is that it's not about him, it's about us.

  3. I agree with everything you wrote here, except I was taken with Mr. Obama back at the 2004 convention.

    What is startling me beyond an ability to absorb it yet, is that he seems to be more than I'd hoped. He seems completely devoted to doing this right, and bringing all the good new tools with him. Have you seen the new White House website? It's remarkable how transparent this administration is.

    The other thing I feel is that something has shifted. It's beyond him, and I don't think because of him, but he's part of it. Like something has been freed, released. There is creativity waking up, and love and beauty, and I just can't quite get my head and heart around it all.

  4. I like your post but why couldnt we rally before Obama became president? Why is it that even when we should be allied as a nation (because thats what we are- ONE NATION) we cant..but suddenly the clouds have parted and Obama says we need to be united and all of a sudden we are more willing to be unified...unfortunately for Bush both sides wanted him out and werent willing to unify but maybe good ol' Barack will bring it back...sorry for the cynicism- I just am having a hard time believing most things about him because he (like so many) is another politician...maybe he will change my mind.



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