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I had a fried egg sandwich for breakfast. One fried egg between two pieces of buttered wheat toast. It was a nice break from my cereal ritual. I am, after all, a serial cerealist. I usually like it with some hash browns and some bacon, but that's luxurious, and it is only Friday morning.

Yesterday when I was making faces at Cora during a diaper change, she snorted while laughing. I was tickled. Angie, Maylee, and Tyler came over for a little bit, and Cora couldn't stop hugging Tyler, age 3 months. I've never seen her interact quite like that before.

And when she was in the bath last night, Jake and I both heard a quick, but intense rumble. I thought something had fallen. I looked down just in time to see a sizable bubble break at the surface. I almost fell off the side of the bathtub.

It's supposed to be wintry all next week. I'm over cold weather. There used to be something nostalgic about it, but even with the mild winter we've had, I hate it when the sun is not shining.

We're anxiously awaiting responses from the schools Jake applied to. We should hear from all of them by March. Jake has been a bit restless with the schools he applied to. Not the schools, but the programs as a whole. Ever since he decided he wasn't going to pursue a career in performance, he's been going through a sort of liberation process. His masters will be in musicology - with which he's done in May. He applied to musicology programs as well as interdisciplinary and American Studies programs for his doctorate. All of which still feel too constraining. He really wants to help people. It's part of who he is. In high school he founded the Peace and Justice Club. That earned him a place on the Wall of Tolerance. His interest in music has always been for the avant-garde - those whom the music world has generally left in obscurity.

He's been talking about law school. He's drawn to public interest/advocacy law. ASU offers a joint PhD/JD program in Justice and Social Inquiry/law through their school of Social Transformation. There are a few other programs he's considering.

But when he brought up ASU, I shot up to cloud nine. I've never seriously considered living in Mesa again because the likelihood of it was so slim. I would want to live in my old diggs, 85203. It's still a long shot. The very talk of it gave me permission to daydream about my kids being able to ride their bikes in wide smooth streets, or walk down the sidewalks to their friends houses, all the glorious citrus I could fill my gut with, that very specific shade of blue in the sky, monsoon storms, mountains, great schools, desert adventures, getting into a car that is so hot I can feel my eyelashes curl, LOVE IT! So if Jake decides not to go to any of the doctoral programs he applied for, then he'll take a year off.

I love how multi-faceted he is. There are so many things he could do, and do well. We're coming into where we'd like to be in a roundabout way, but I've enjoyed it. There remains a level of spontaneity that keeps things exciting.


  1. I am glad you got some protein, good wholesome carb and good fats at the start of your day. I am so proud of you for ditching the cereal for the day!!!!

  2. How you described Arizona's heat brought back lovely memories of when I lived in New Mexico. I LOVE the heat too!
    I think you should take a look at UofA's (University of Arkansas) law school program. Fayetteville would be a fabulous place to live!!



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