Dear Little In-Utero Baby

I hope you'll like broccoli. I had some for dinner tonight. I like it, but the way I felt while eating it makes me think otherwise of your opinion. Cora, your big sister, loves broccoli. And apples. She could eat them all day if I let her, but I don't let her because she needs fat too. Fat is an essential part of any diet. But beware: There are good fats and bad fats. You'll discover this with most things in life.

As half of you knows, I'm not sure which half any more, but the part that started out as an egg, from my ovary, I've always wanted to have a baby on the Fourth of July. It's my favorite holiday. And I think one of the coolest things I could give you would be guaranteed fireworks every year on your birthday. Stick with me, literally, and we can make it happen. You're due in the window of June 30-July 5. I'm getting shots in about a month and a half to help make sure you stay in as long as possible. Hopefully we won't have a single set of regular contractions before the big day. Let alone regular ones for weeks. Hey! And maybe you won't be breech either. Turn early. That's my advice for you. Turn early.

I'm sorry I don't have a ridiculously clever name for you. The first time I was pregnant, I named him/her Quackers, technically your papa did that. I named Cora Jelly Bean. I've been going over and over various names. The hard part is that it has to be gender neutral. It's just a name to get you through until I know for sure if you're a boy or girl. I like the funny kind. I hope you do too. I think you're a boy so far. And if you're a girl, I apologize for the boy vibes circulating around me. You can override them, I give you permission. I want you to be healthy and happy, and I am already in love with you.


  1. Congrats you guys! That's so exciting! Are you caring what you have?

  2. You're pregnant Brieann?! That's so awesome! LOL I feel like I'm the only one who isn't anymore. But I'm ok with that. You can just call the little one "Baby" since that is what it will be and it is gender neutral. Or maybe name it after one of your favorite things. Anyway just suggestions. Love you!

  3. I happened to miss the earlier post announcing this FABULOUS fact! Congratulations. Viv is a Pioneer Day baby. I hope to be in Utah for all of her birthdays where there will be fireworks!! Good Luck!

  4. I love the "stick with me" part. For that reason, maybe you can name the in-utero baby something to do with bubble gum. Just a thought.

  5. I think you're so cute! I love that you write notes to your little unborn baby! I can't wait to find out what you're having!



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