A Name.

After my last post, I received several suggestions on what I should temporarily name this little fetus o' mine. There was one that extra grabbed my attention. It was presented by my lovely friend, Emily. We met in high school, and she has always been one of the nicest people I know. When my too-long boyfriend and I broke up my junior year, she let her then-boyfriend, Michael (also my friend), take me out on a friendly dinner movie date. All went well until we got to the movie and I saw my no-longer boyfriend's car in the parking lot. I was certain he was there with a girl. The girl (who I love) he started dating before we were officially over...who he was taking out on a date the night he dropped off a break up letter on my doorstep (she was in the car AND my mom was out of town).

Anyway, I saw his car, parked mine, got out, and threw up in the lot. I felt horrible as I'd just had a great dinner on my friend's token, and there he was patting me on the back as I tossed it all. It seems so silly now, and I got over him relatively quickly (though I was still in high school and he liked to date my friends so drama persisted with him all my days at Apache Junction High)...but the thought of being replaceable before I was ever really out of the picture...that is one of the worst feelings.

That was a tangent, but a little back story and example to help give a little glimpse of how important Emily has been to me.

Now to the part you've all been waiting for. She suggested Indi because of how much I would like for him/her to be born on Independence Day. I think it needs an e, so from this point until whenever we find out if he/she is a boy or girl, I will call him/her Indee. Write it down, make it happen. Right?


  1. I love that little nickname. It'd be cool if it was born on Independence day! Great choice hon! Loves!

  2. Indie it is! I believe in the power of writing it down, for sure. Is Indie settling in now...not causing quite so much nausea?

  3. I'm so excited for you both, and Cora too! Babies are so sweet and special- and even more so when they are not so easy to get! Cute nickname!

  4. VEry cute nickname. So much more creative than I was when I was pregos. I always called it baby! Origianl, I know.



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