A Date With Jake

The Johnson Family is currently in the great state of Oklahoma for Spring Break. Yesterday, Jake and I spent the day in Oklahoma City, and Cora spent the day with Meemaw and Katy on Smith Farm in Yeager - with a stint in Wetumka at Dairy Queen. While I wasn't present for these festivities, I know she had a lot of fun, and is afraid of chickens.

Jake and I met with our realtor and friend, Sherrie Furber, at 10:00AM to look at houses in our old neighborhood. Have I mentioned that we're moving back to Oklahoma City? We are - and don't feel bad because I know I haven't really mentioned it yet. Yes, we are moving back to Oklahoma City this summer after Magnolia is born, but that is beside the point.

We looked at two houses. One of which we are madly in love with. After seeing it and having a few heart flutters, we went to lunch at our favorite restaurant, Iron Starr. What do vegetarians eat at a BBQ place? (We're actually pescetarians, mind you.) Jake had the Salmon Salad and I had the Vegetarian Combo. I love their house dressing. I always get 2 sides, and a double house salad with house dressing.

Afterward we went to Old Navy and Ross at Belle Isle. I love Ross and Chicago does not have them. Not a single one. Then it was off to Braum's where Jake got his usual chocolate shake, and I consumed a Brownie Fudge Sundae. We headed back to the SE part of the state. On our way, we stopped by Shawnee Mall, home to another Ross, where I found a cute pair of plaid Sperrys. For the last little while, I've had a little inkling for some new perfume, so we made our way through the mall to Dillard's. The lovely woman behind the counter pointed me in the direction of Elizabeth Arden's Pretty after I told her what I liked. It was perfect, even though I didn't stop looking directly upon discovering it. I also loved Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers. I also decided it was time for Jake to have a new scent. It was L'Homme by YSL. On our way out of the store, I saw the same Sperry shoes I'd just purchased at Ross for over twice as much. YES!

I loved our day out together. It's so much fun to get to hang out with my best friend.

And the festivities spilled over into today. Can you tell what happened?

And here's Magnolia.

After grapes and swinging on the porch, we're off to the park on this lovely, in-the-seventies Spring Day.

PS: I will never forget where I was on this very day when President Obama signed the Healthcare Bill. I almost cried. Twice. And not because I am in mourning.


  1. You were NOT that close to my house without stopping by! We are so excited for you to come back. And yes, you totally have to be down in the city. It's where you belong. Let us know the story when you get a chance. Yippee!

  2. When did you decide to move back?
    Your hair is cute.
    I got the Ed Hardy perfume for christmas and I LOVE it! Which perfume did you end up getting?
    Are you going to be in OKC on friday?


  3. your hair looks great! glad you're moving back! you've been missed!

  4. We cried here over the healthcare bill as well- but for different reasons. Love you!



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