On Being Pregnant, part II

I make no qualms about how I don't think pregnancy is full of lollipops and cotton candy, and other sweet cherubic type things. I don't like being pregnant, but I LOVE the end result. So I'll take the good with the bad...and try to find the humor in the latter. Is there something humorous about barfing with such intensity that urine leaks out? Let me know.

Yesterday Jake asked me what I liked about being pregnant. After the initial "ugh" in my head, I came up with some generic answer like "I like knowing I have a healthy little person growing inside, and how I can feel her kicking away." To those of you who aren't/haven't been pregnant. I think it feels something like a muscle spasm, not a painful charlie horse, but when a muscle in your arm or leg twitches. Totally involuntary and completely surprising...and in the case of a kicking baby - wonderful.

Today I discovered my real answer to Jake's question. I've been carrying Magnolia differently than I carried Cora. Maybe it has something to do with her being head down. Anyway, are you ready for this? I like the way I laugh when I'm pregnant. Perhaps it's the different position of my diaphragm or the building pressure against my lungs, but the result is a huge blustery laugh that I will be a little sad to lose.

And might I add...why of course I may...it's much more difficult to control. Uncontrollable, tear streaming laughter. I'll take it.

PS: "They've" been painting the trim around the windows of our building and the two on either side of us for the past few days. Today they are on our roof. As I was writing this, I looked over to see the silhouette of one man through our drawn shades. I have a minor inclination to go open up the window and start a conversation.


  1. I can think of something that is worse then puking so hard urine comes out- how bout a little diarrhea coming out...:) No, that luckily has not happened to me, but I know a few that it has happened to! My bladder is so sensitive when I'm pregnant- I have wet my pants at least once with each pregnacy- at least i was home each time!
    I agree whole heartedly about loving the end result- I totally could do with out the sickness, and throwing up, but once that sweet little baby is in your arms it's amazing how quick it's (kind of) forgotten!



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