While putting the dishes away, I dropped the lid to our stock pot on the counter. It hit hard and loud. Cora was busy with some books on the floor when it happened. She stopped everything and said started saying "k" over and over again. It wasn't until she ran up and patted me on the back that I realized she'd been asking if I was okay. I can hardly get over the sweet things she does sometimes.

Today I broke the third of four orange bowls that I bought from an antique store in Holdenville several years ago. The remaining bowl is perched in its spot on a shelf, a little lonely, I'm sure. And probably certain of the fate it will meet after watching his other three friends go the way of dustpan and trash.

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  1. I was Queen Butterfingers when I was pregnant! I"m not sure why that is. Now wyou have an excuse to go treasure hunting at another antique store!!

    PS Your pics are cute. You look like Kali in the 3rd one!



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