After reading the comments people have posted about my last post, "Piles," I thought I might need to clarify something:

Not all piles are bad things.

Sometimes even the combination of all good piles in our lives can seem overwhelming. And being overwhelmed isn't always bad either. I love it when I feel overwhelmed by love and kindness, overwhelmed by my own emotions. It's a little adjustment to go from normal, every day feelings, to ones where you know, without a doubt, your life has changed.

Maybe I should have categorized my piles for my readers' sake. I couldn't have expected anyone to completely understand my late night, sleep deprived ramblings. But just to categorize a little: My piles of family and feedings and tears (the kinds from my eyes - not the rips down below), and even stitches holding things together - I am grateful for. Really grateful. Even if contacting everyone in my family includes lots of phone calls and lead following (My grammy moves around a lot these days).

The biggest pile that I could do without, seriously without, being sick. Sick is frustrating no matter when it happens. But I'm getting better.

Magnolia greeted me this morning with lots of sweet smiles. And then she pooped. And of course, it was the cutest thing ever. I don't see any smile dimples. but her smile is so ridiculously contagious. Watch out. You'd better be prepared to smile non-stop when you're around her.

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  1. More pics please!! She is a total doll. Can't wait for you to move back closer so she and Andrew can get to be good friends. :-)



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