Lesson Learned

Jake and I were lying in bed talking last night. We were both nearing extreme fatigue, the kind where you can fall asleep in the middle the sentence you're uttering. I saw a dark spot on the wall near the top of our closet door. I thought I was hallucinating at first, but I turned the light on to have a look.

"Jake, there is a huge cockroach on our wall."

It took a second longer than it should have for my sentence to hit his ears and register in his mind. He turned, reached for his glasses, and went to work. Killing cockroaches has become routine in our apartment for the last few weeks. This must be their season.

He came back with flip-flop in hand. And after a few minutes of trying to figure out the best approach, including a few test swats to see if he could reach, he made his move. He missed. And instead of scurrying down the wall (we've never seen any that weren't on the floor) at break neck speed...

It Flew.

In thinking with a few expletives and disbelief at what I was seeing, I heard Jake.

"It's on you."

I'd been standing on the bed to spot the bug if it got away. Apparently, cockroaches fly to the next tallest thing in the room. It was instant terror and turning and screaming, and getting the sheets wound around my feet.

I asked if it was still on me, he said he couldn't tell, I calmed down for a split second, and then it flew off of me down to the floor. Jake's flip flop when to work. Cockroach flushed - thrice.

Are you still stuck on the flying part?


  1. that is so funny reading but I am sure it was not at the time...Great Job Jake!!! A flip-flop & all

  2. Oh, I would have been FREAKING out if that had been me! I hate those nasty bugs more than anything! You guys are brave!

  3. Yuck!! I have them here too--I saw one crawl down Reagan's side of the room yesterday and lost it! I grabbed my shoe (huge improvement of trying to trap them under things..) and tore that room apart until he was dead! Lesson learned we hope- you do not belong in my habitat!

  4. When we lived in Las Cruces we saw red ones fly out of the sewer, but never flying in our house!

  5. THEY FLY? really? that is crazy! i am always learning from you!! :)
    and now i feel all creepy crawly!!

  6. I woke up the other morning to something tickling my arm. It was totally a cockroach CRAWLING ACROSS MY ARM while I LAID IN BED! Oh HECK NO! I came unglued. and washed my linens about 95 times :p



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