I went to the doctor today. She wasn't going to check me until next week, but I told her about the sporadic contractions and the weird pain shooting down my thigh while at a funeral last night. She decided to take a look.

She said it was the kind of exam where if she stripped my membranes, I would go into labor.

But she didn't strip my membranes. That will be at next week's appointment. If I make it, which I'm counting on. Though she's not counting on me making it to full term.

The biggest thing for me is that I have progressed. I've said it before, no progress is hard news for a pregnant woman to hear. Here are today's stats:

3 cm dilated
70% effaced
-2 station

My cervix is in a good position, and my bag o' waters is soft. Cool.


  1. Maybe you'll get your "big baby". I'm so happy that you've made it this far! What an exciting time for you guys!!

  2. I'm happy for you! That last month is always a struggle! Hope she comes soon enough!!

  3. I don't exactly know what some of these terms mean. BUT I do know that Magnolia is closer to meeting me!!!!



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