Dear Cora

I swear your legs grow a little more each day. And I'm certain your mind grows even more. I was looking into some activities on to try and avoid repeats of two of the four days so far this week. It's been a little lazy. I'd like to change that.

At any rate, I was looking at the activities that you should be doing at your age, and let's get right to the point, they were lame. You are beyond them. You match better with kids who are at the end of four, rather than the middle of two. It made me feel this huge responsibility to keep that going. You're smart. Really smart. And I'm not just saying that.

You are sweet and kind and have a strong stubborn streak. I love that streak because I know it will be great for you in the future. I know you'll know how to put it to good use, even if sometimes I wish you would just go get your shoes at this tender stage in life. I love it just the same.


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