Easier than I thought

Cora is potty trained. Thank you, 3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen, and thank you, Connie Burton, for sharing it with me. It didn't take all three days. It took one little dribble of an accident and she knew what to do (she finished going on the potty, mind you). No nightmare stories, no loads and loads of extra loads, just a sweet little-big girl in big girl panties. This is day 9 of only panties.

Cora also spent her first night away from us. She stayed with Gram and Offey (Jake's parents), and did really well. Better than me. I cried when we left their driveway. Not too much, hmmm, not to many tears at once, even if did happen on more than one occasion.

Magnolia is getting so much better at taking naps. She used to wake up the second she was put down. Now, she falls asleep and stays asleep after we put her down. I thought this day would never come, however, Cora is trying to give up her nap. 3 PM is a trying time in this house. Everyone is tired, and no one is asleep. I've decided to start doing something around 3. Today, we're going to the grocery store. Maybe. Irony of all ironies, I haven't heard Cora since the second sentence of this post. She has gone almost 3o minutes without making a peep before, so I'm still not convinced.

I'm currently uploading a video on facebook. It highlights Magnolia and her cute round head and sweet face. I recorded it about 2 weeks ago. About 21 seconds into it, she toots. Those who know me best know how (I just heard Cora) much that makes my heart sing.

"Hi, I'm 25, and I still think flatulence is just about the funniest thing ever." [And I hope it stays that way because everyone needs something to be that funny to them.]

I watched it over and over with Jake, and we were laughing so hard we were crying. Well, I was crying. Jake doesn't cry. Did you know that? We've been married for 6.5 years, and I've never seen a single tear fall from his eyes. If I didn't know how awesome and in touch with his emotions he is, I would think it was weird, but alas, it has become normal. And back to the video for a second: I'm so amazed at how well I was able to hold it together.

And finally, I'm glad our secure home network is up and running again so I can get back to really important things like facebook, blogging, and checking my email. I dreaded making the phone call because it took about an hour and a half with ATT when I was canceling/restarting service. This call only took 1/2 hour, and the outcome was successful.


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