Today was a great day [it would be even greater if we weren't on attempt number five in putting Magnolia to bed - but a minor detail].

It was Jake's first day off in I-can't-remember-when. We were going to make the most of it. We had two things on our list. 1. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art. 2. Lowe's for some wood for our square foot garden.

We got to the art museum, and the woman asked if we had Bank of America cards. We did. As it turns out BofA sponsors

[just came back from attempt number 6, I think this one might stick]

Hmm. Oh yes, BofA sponsors free admission for its cardholders on the first full weekend of every month. It was also Devon day at the museum. Food, face painting, drop-in art, Spaghetti Eddie.


I'm a cheap-o. Seriously. This could be the highlight of my tight-wad year. There were blackberries. And they were really sweet. I ate a lot of them, and I didn't feel bad because I left all of the seriously decadent brownies for everyone else.

Being creative about how to get Cora into the paintings was fun. Her genuine interest was delightful. Her two art projects were a self-portrait and a lion out of modeling clay. She really has a knack for art. She's always been really interested in it. It's only been a few weeks since her birthday, so I decided a fun little tradition would be to have her make some sort of self-portrait every year. I know I will love seeing how she has evolved in her own eyes, as well as in her own talent. Magnolia loved the Chihuly glass, especially the ceiling.

Jake and Magnolia were walking around for a bit while Cora was finishing her lion, and they wandered into the gift shop. I told Jake about a bumper sticker I saw one day that I really liked, and he mentioned he saw it there. It was a magical summation of our lives in visual form. We came home with it. Watch out Staci [our car], you're about to get fancy. I joked that one day I might be the lady who drives the Volvo with all of the bumper stickers on the back, though the Volvo has probably evolved into the Prius as far as a perfect bumper sticker canvas. Just in-case you forgot.

They also sell t-shirts. My birthday is in a little over two months. Is this a hint? It might be.

After all of the museum fun (I won't go into the actual art here - there were a lot of things I enjoyed, namely the George Nelson Exhibition), we drove to Shawnee to meet Vaughn, Tracey, Parker and Josh for dinner at Chili's. Yes, there are vegan options at Chili's, and we ordered all of them to make a meal.

Jake is busy with some work this evening. Perfection would be if we were cozy watching a movie together, or better yet, at the play I was going to go see before Magnolia started having a rough evening. But this day was so close to perfect, it might as well have been.


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