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I posted about the Deco Delights of Oklahoma City several months ago. I made reference to the homes that were tucked away in various historic neighborhoods. Today, as I was out and about, I looked at a few of these gems, and decided I'd keep a little record. I got the pictures as well as statistics from the Oklahoma County Assessor site. These are the only ones I know of so far. One is for sale even (2240 NW 27th)! They were built between 1935-1937. Eight homes in three neighborhoods with very traditional houses. The first five are on the same street in Cleveland. The sixth is in Shepherd (Cleveland's next-door neighbor). The last two are in Crown Heights.

The collection of houses in Cleveland reminds me of what is currently going on in the SoSA (or Cottage District) neighborhood just to the west of downtown and South of Saint Anthony hospital. The difference is that the homes pictured below went up with the neighborhoods. The new modern homes in SoSA are redefining a neighborhood, but an architect's playground nonetheless. I'm so happy that pioneers exist at every stage of the game. There's always a way to be new again. New Urbanism: I love what this means.

2533 NW 24th - 1937 - 1,232 sf
2529 NW 24th - 1937 - 1,295 sf
2525 NW 24th - 1937 - 1,071 sf
2521 NW 24th - 1936 - 1,508 sf
2501 NW 24th - 1937 - 1,071 sf
2240 NW 27th - 1936 - 2,202 sf
801 NW 40th - 1935 - 2,904 sf
537 NW 41st - 1935 - 1914 sf

Update: After seeing this post, a friend told me about another house in Gatewood that belongs on this list. I don't understand the tile roof all the way...but this one is the biggest.
1301 NW 20th - 1940 - 3,307 sf

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  1. How fun!
    I love the one house on 801 NW 40th - 1935 - 2,904 sf. :0)



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