I want a 1990 Volvo 240 Wagon.
I wonder if I could make it a hybrid...

And a Vespa (I've wanted one of these since high school)...

And a Beach Cruiser.
I can't decide if it should be orange, aqua, pink, or mint green...but it needs a super tricked out bike trailer behind it.

And finally....A trampoline.
Man I miss having one in the back yard.


  1. What I love about this post is that every item on your wish list has been on my wish list for years. Though sometimes I think I'd trade out the trampoline for a wading pool.

  2. Don't you know, you don't get a trampoline until it's time to celebrate your first year in your first house?! We've had ours for years and every once in a while Darrell and I get on and jump too!

  3. I too miss the trampoline in our backyard. When we moved from texas and arrived in Idaho- I discovered that my parents had GIVEN ours away because they did not want to move it :( I was so sad but alas i get another one some day.



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