A Mouse in our House...

Cora and I were playing with some toys on a blanket on our rug in front of the couch. She was talking a lot, so I called my mom so they could talk a little.

While we're on the phone, I look under the couch and see a mound of grey. It doesn't moves, but billows a little bit. I grab Cora as I'm jumping up and yell to my mom there's a mouse under the couch. Cora and I are on top of a chair at this point. My mom is asking if I'm sure it's a mouse, I'm not, so I get down to where I can see, and it's not there...it's even closer to the front of the couch...a baby mouse staring right at me. I jumped up and said I had to go and ran to our bedroom and got on the bed. All the while Cora is tucked under my arm. I call some people for some moral support (Thanks Vaughn, Angie and Ashleigh!) after leaving a message for Jake. I decided I was just going to go to OCU where Jake was until it was time for him to get off. I have Cora's car seat and diaper bag on our bed, and I'm just about to put her in her seat when Jake calls. He's on his way home. Phew. We both look under the couch and he sees it. We make a plan. We both get a broom and he's going to shoo it out. My role is to make sure it stays on course until it gets out the door. He moves the couch...the mouse is about to come into the light, and THERE IT IS!!!....a Gigantic dust bunny.

To my credit: It had two little black lints for eyes, and a piece of our shag rug for a tail. ;)


  1. Okay...I'm sooo glad that you posted about this. I'm still chuckling (but do feel bad that you were rightly terrified). I think it is about time we head to the zoo so we can see the difference between a mouse and a bunny :)

  2. Haha. That is a great story, something I could see myself doing!

  3. Ohh!! I wish you would have taken a picture. I'd like to see that mouse! :) That's too funny!!!

  4. Too funny! I love it when we can laugh at ourselves.

  5. That is really funny... something i would totally do!

  6. That's so funny. I totally empathize, I hate mice. If I know I mouse can be dwelling in some little place, I am always scared by some little thing (that is never a mouse).



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