My Friend, Patty

Patty Griffin is definitely my favorite singer/songwriter. She is also one of the best poets of our time. Her command of language always amazes me. She is the master of personification, rhyme (that isn't over the top), and my favorite of her traits, imagery. Her songs are familiar to me - they're most like my thoughts. Her songs are how I see the world. I've added my Patty Griffin playlist for your listening/thought provoking pleasure.

There are three songs that aren't on the playlist that are wonderful. Here are the Youtube links:

Making Pies
Kite Song

Mary is my all time favorite. I think the photo montage is a little cheesy in its over-sentimentality (you don't have to watch it, you can just listen to the song). If I made a photo montage it would be of several different statue Marys. There's a photo of a Mary statue in Cora's room that I took in Hawaii at the Painted Church. I'll tell you the story of the painted church someday.

The picture in Cora's room...


  1. How did you get that music player on your blog? I love it I want one on my blog!

  2. I was wondering what music you listen to.....:)



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