Late Nights

Jake is playing for music camps this summer. There are three two-week camps. Tonight is the last night of camp number two. He gets home at 10:00 PM, if he gets out on time. This week he has been getting home after 11:00. We have been going to bed way past our bedtime. We like to spend a little time together...I didn't mention that he has to be there at we watch the news and then Frasier comes on at 10:30 - and again at 11:00. We're in bed between 12 and 1. Cora likes to eat somewhere in the 6:00 AM hour. ;) She starts talking and feeling our faces when she's ready ready to play with us. And deservedly, she usually goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:30.

Jake has two weeks left of getting home late. I love this summer job for him just not the schedule it requires. Cora is an amazing sleeper who sets her own schedule...we need to follow her example.


  1. IT's so hard when the husband is gone at night! I still hate it after 9 years! IT's great for them to know they are missed!

    It is amazing...hopw all is well even without Jake... :(


    for some reason you have to type the www. on this one?? who knows



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