Bouncing Back

I woke up this morning with a migraine. The investment in the darkest pair of summer shades the day before was one of the best forethought buys of my life. My girls thought it was funny, but I'd already taken the max amount of migraine medication the night before when I felt it coming on, so I was trying anything. Around lunch time, I couldn't take it anymore, and took what amounted to double the recommended dose in 24 hours. About 20 minutes after I took it, my brain started turning to fruit cake. 1.5 hours later the migraine from h-e-double hockey sticks, though definitely not the worst I've ever had, was gone. Phew. I'm still feeling wiped out.

In other news...
Jake is playing for Lyric Theatre's production of OLIVER!. I went to opening night last night thanks to Vaughn and Tracey coming up and staying with our girls. It was wonderful. It's playing through June 25th.

We spent the weekend accessorizing Dot. She's looking pretty fabulous. I love bougainvillea. My childhood babysitter had a huge bougainvillea in her front yard. We (all the kids who were "sat" by her) would hide underneath it.

The first day ever Cora took the initiative to put her shoes on all by her self.

Proud moment. I let her wear them all over on the wrong feet.

And last, but not least...

Something fabulous needs to go above the mantel. I want a dreamy landscape with some beautiful cool hues. I'm in love with Regina Murphy, but my favorites of her fanciful landscapes are sold*. The wall is about five feet wide. Keep a look out.

And then there's always Sky Above Clouds IV by Georgia O'Keeffe, but it's a little bigger than my wall. And the Art Institute would miss it. And I would miss it there. You know, when I go back someday...

*And pretty far above my price range, but I love her anyway.


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