I have good news, and I have bad news.

Good: I finally tried Cool Mint Oreos.

Bad: I finally tried Cool Mint Oreos.

They taste like thin mints. They are vegan. I'm finally three pounds below the dreaded weight I could never break after Cora and before Magnolia. I am in trouble. DARN YOU mint and chocolate craving. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I picked up this package a little before six this evening (not my first package), and it's almost gone. Almost an entire package of oreos in one day. Not even a whole day!


I mean yum.

I mean...Seven pounds to pre-pregnancy weight. I can hold strong. Today was tough. I don't depend on the bottle, so oreos had to suffice. I bought TWO packages.


Does anyone want a package of mint oreos? Anyone, please. Put me out of my misery.


  1. I have an idea. Let's share the package of mint oreos while your girls (or you) play with my puppy and/or 2 cats. :-)

  2. They are quite tasty and delicious....I'd come share but its kind of a long drive :)

  3. They make chocolate covered ones that are even more damaging. I am not allowed to buy mint oreos or any oreos period in my house. They are the devil!

  4. Regan - Name the time and day. ;)

  5. How funny, I just finished off a package of these yesterday too! I could not stop myself. They are evil...

  6. Oh I can so relate. Emotional eater right here. Wish I could help you finish them off :)



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