Windows. I love them. Big Windows. Lots of them. I love them because they mean light filled rooms. I love them because they mean outside breezes inside.

Dot has 27 windows. That's right. 27. My parents' house in Arizona, the last of theirs I lived in, had 5, that's including their sliding glass door. We have 27 including our French doors, though excluding the single window-filled French door between our room and our office...our office that is Magnolia's room until she moves in with Cora.

I especially love all of the sky I can see from our windows. And I love that they all have thick trim around them. (The first photo also shows the color I finally decided on. It's Halo by Benjamin Moore - The more I see it, the more I enjoy it. Phew. Much Ado.)

One day, while driving home to the house we just moved from, when I was especially missing Chicago, I thought it was so weird that as big as the world is, we spend so much of our time walking back and forth in approximately 1300 sf of it (you can enter the size of your own house). That thought let to another...

Why here?

Why, of all the countries, states, cities, neighborhoods, streets, houses, why this place? I didn't know. Of all the places I could be, I didn't know why I was [t]here. Fast forward to now. I love Dot. I love waking up in the morning here. I love playing in this backyard, across the street from that school. I love walking down these sidewalks with these trees. I love living 1 mile from this city's downtown (I'm still holding out for a fantastic public transportation system) and being 3 blocks from our park.

I still don't have the perfect rug, and I feel clueless about landscaping, and stores in Dallas have my dream dining room set, and my dream kitchen and bathroom are in my mind...BUT they all fit here. And I can't begin to describe the peace that brings. 27 windows and all.

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  1. How funny, we have exactly 27 windows too! I LOVE it. I want more.



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