Pickles and Jalapeños and Watermelon.

I've been really into pickles lately. Pickles and jalapeños in a jar. What I really suppose this means is that I'm into vinegar. It is the common factor, besides the fact that they're green. And a little seedy. And they both crunch. Though pickles are definitely crunchier than jalapeños. But not as hot.

Do you ever say juh-lop-i-nohs? I do, even though I know how to say it for real. I'm from Arizona. I know how to pronounce things like saguaro, ocotillo, Velasquez, and Canyon De Chelly. And jalapeño. But you already know that.

There was this boy in elementary school, Logan Cooper, and I always thought he smelled like pickles. We rode the same bus in kindergarten. I was going to my babysitter's house from AM kindergarten and he was on his way to PM kindergarten. I would look for him every time, and take note if the pickle smell was present, and it always was. I even asked him if he had a pickle for lunch, and he always said no, and I never believed him.

As I was eating my pickle today, and thinking of Logan Cooper, who had similar tennis shoes to me in second grade (they were unisex. Think of a the white version of Vans...with some Sperry styling), I wondered if his mom was just into canning food. He was Mormon, after all.

Logan was best friends with Jeffrey Adams. He was my for-shiz first-grade crush. He was so dreamy. And he would always win the tether ball court for me, and then we'd play a game or two, depending on the line waiting, and sometimes he'd let me win. Most of the time. And sometimes he would even bloody his knuckles hitting the ball. Whenever I watch Napoleon Dynamite, I think of my little playground hero.

And just because: the name Kelsey always reminds me of watermelon because the first girl I ever knew who was a Kelsey had red hair and freckles. I guess her hair reminded me of watermelon, no, I think she smelled like it one day. So if you have red hair, it reminds me of that beloved summertime melon, and if your name is Kelsey, it does the same, and I think you should have red hair.


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