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It's approximately seven minutes into Lyric Theatre's last performance of Xanadu, which means I'm approximately one hour and fifty-three minutes away from seeing Jake walk through the door for the last time on his way home from this evening performance. Weird. He's been gone until 10 PM each night for the last three weeks.

Thanks to Andrew and Ashleigh, I was able to go see the show last night. It was really fun, with the exception of one grating thing that I will keep to myself. It didn't affect the quality of the show, just awakened an annoyance I wasn't aware I had. Anyway, there was a "pull my finger" scene. Flatulence is still SO funny to me. 30 seconds of fart. Yes, it was that kind of show.

Perhaps in honor of this being his last day, we went out on a limb...

...and bought a new car.


It wasn't much of a limb, I'd been researching cars for a while. I mean, I'm always looking at cars because I love cars, but actually looking with the intent of purchasing something. We went in with confidence. We had numbers in our mind. We got a great deal, and this will now reside in our garage:

Say hello to our new Subaru Outback. 

We're still working on a name, but I'm almost certain it is a he. Cora fell a part not once, but twice at the dealership when she realized we weren't coming home with our beloved Staci car. Staci was a major life saver. We got her two weeks before we moved to Chicago because the transmission went out on Lucy, our car that was paid for, that we kept over our car that wasn't paid for to take to Chicago where we wouldn't be driving much - only to have to buy one anyway. I digress. 

Staci was perfect for us, but she was getting old, and in need of some major repairs. The list was long, but on top of it, I was pretty sure I could feel the transmission slipping every now and again, but definitely growing in frequency. Since we only have one car, we need something dependable. We have every intention of driving our new car until hundreds of thousands of miles have rolled over on the odometer, which was part of the reason why we chose the vehicle we did. I'd seriously been looking for months. I'm basically an expert on the Outback. 

Fabulous surprises: 
- It's so tall! I don't have to bend over to get my girls in and out of their car seats. The back door openings are just a little taller than me, so I don't even have to slouch. Who isn't going to hit their head anymore? ME! 
- Bluetooth. Like, what in the world? They didn't have the base-i-est base model, so we "leveled up" and got some fun features for below MSRP, well below, like what we still owed on Staci after the trade rolled into the price below. Anyway, that means we now roll with Bluetooth, the thing we were like, "Eh? We don't know if we'll use that?" I can't wait to call everyone! Give me your number so I can talk to my car and it will call you.

Last but not least, a note:

Dear Staci Car,

You survived the streets of Chicago almost unscathed. I'm sure you remember being rear ended on Fullerton in Lincoln Park when Jake was one his way to DePaul. You showed that other car what was what when the only marks on you were two screw holes from his front license plate. And then there was the time where we think a cyclist ran into you because there was a big rubber streak down the driver's side, and your side mirror was bent back and had three cracks in it. I don't think it could have been a car because I'm sure your mirror would have been a goner, but we just popped it back into place. Oh, and then when your passenger window was shattered when someone broke into you. But remember how you got to bring Magnolia home from the hospital on Lake Shore Drive after she was born? And carry our girls to and fro? And a little girl loved you more than almost any car has ever been loved. We needed you, and I knew the second I laid eyes on you in that car lot on a warm summer evening in the summer of 2009, that you were going to come home with us. You had my first moonroof, and it, in addition to the rest of you, will be missed. Thank you.


  1. Yay for a new car!!!! I love getting a new car. Congrats on your new purchase! Perhaps we should get together and share our new news. :-)

  2. Yay on all accounts!! Your hubby home, a new car, ... can't get much better!! :) By the way, we had a Subaru Outback before the van and LOVED it!! It was sad when we had to enter vanhood!!

  3. Congrats on the car--beautiful! Bravo to Jake for surviving the last 3 weeks with a smile--always the most pleasent, positive person around!

  4. How fun! Dust swears we will own the Outback after our kids are grown, but I'm still holding on to the idea of the Highlander. But your Outback looks SNAZZY! Very pretty car. I;m glad your husband will be back home int theevenings. Always a blessing!

    PS Since you like cars and I have no idea about them, how does the highlander rank in your eyes?

  5. that is the car my gramma had. i LOVE the subaru outback! by the way my gramma's name was patricia (we called her pat) just in case you want to name your car after her!! ;) haha! i love you and HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN YOU?! let's do something SOON!!



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