Queen of Sheeba

Tonight my little family ventured out to a restaurant called Queen of Sheeba to experience our first Ethiopian meal. We ordered the Vegetarian Combination which had a little bit of everything including misser wat, and kik alicha. It was really delicious.

While I knew there were no utensils to eat with going into it, I was completely surprised by the flat bread that is used in its place. It's called injera, and while my taste buds are rarely caught off guard, this threw them for a loop.

It's kind of spongy, a little sticky (perfect for picking up food with), and the flatbread version of sour dough (the shocking part). Our food was served on a full injera, and then we had individual rolls and would tear off just enough to scoop whatever we wanted. We were also given warm clothes before our food to wipe our fingers as we went.

Oh! And we had sambusa as an appetizer. It was so good.

My favorite things about this dining experience (besides the food):

1. Sharing from the same plate with everyone present. 
2. Eating with my hands.


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