Dreaming up Rooms

I've been working on several projects for my girls' room. I've left it largely untouched since we moved in. It's time. And it's still in transition as Magnolia will not be in her crib forever. Cora is determined that she will have bunk beds. Who can blame her? I wanted bunk beds so bad when I was a kid, and I didn't even share a room. It's made me have to rethink my plan a little.

 (Cora's first room and the turquoise dressers I fell in-love with)

Anyway, I recently did something I never thought I'd do. We sold the French style dressers we got when Cora was born. I was in-love with them. We were at the "Pickin' Place" in Holdenville when I saw an amazing mid-century dresser. Like wow amazing. And I liked the idea of having one dresser instead of two in terms of just having less pieces. It's great. And I won't tell you what we found in it when I was cleaning it out. I do sometimes with we would have saved the long dresser and mirror that were part of our bedroom set because my heart does have an affinity for French Provincial lines.
 (Cora in our room in Chicago in-front of the dresser we sold when we moved into Dot)

When I started thinking about what to do in their room, I wasn't happy with most of the kid room pictures I was finding. Most are pink and green and white all over. And they're cute, but just not what I was looking for. I started looking at nurseries because I was finding so many unique ones. It's easy to use design elements and swap out a crib for a bed. Then thanks to the amazing-ness that we all now know at Pinterest, I came across the best site ever. Lay Baby Lay. I became OBSESSED with Vivi Charles's nursery. She is the baby of the site's creator. It is perfect.

 (Vivi's Nursery)

 I love every single part of it, but I will make modifications, of course. But look at that grey dresser just like our old one! The one thing I haven't been able to find anywhere are wings that look like the ones above her crib. My girls' room need those. Be on the lookout, Everyone! The other incredible thing is that Joni (Vivi's mom) links all of the elements of her style boards so they're easily accessible (except for the wings, of course, which she found at an antique store). I can't wait to put together a photo collage of family above the dresser. Joni captured what I want for my girls perfectly with this, "Joni knew she wanted her baby's room to be bright and imaginative without being juvenile; polished but with a vintage-glamour sort of look."

The following are style boards that I'm also using as inspiration

(I love the pops of color)

(Their room also really needs this whale above the play kitchen, even though I think a flamingo would be awesome, too. Not that a whale doesn't scream vintage glamor.)


  1. For some reason, this post made me think of this etsy artist:


    Just thought I would share. :) Looks like the room will be fun!

  2. beautiful! I'm working on Grace's room right now. I, too, have a love for the french style dressers. Grace has the the same style of the tourquise ones. I just have to paint them. Black! She's totally gettting a french inspired room. Have fun! Your eye for style is wonderful. Their room wil be great.

  3. Super cute. I know what you mean about not liking most room decorations. With Andrew 's room I went totally unique and I love it! Can't wait to hopefully do fun girls room someday.

  4. I love the colors- very you and yet young enough to be appropriate for your girls!



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