Cora is 4

My little Lovey Dovey is 4. Wow. It takes my breath away, and more than just the number. She is growing up to be the sweetest of sweets. She's a peacemaker, always assuring people that they can both be right. People can like whatever they want, and pick their own favorite things to do, and it's all okay because we're all different. I'm astounded at the things that she says. I'm in awe of her love for people. And her kindness.

Even though there is a whole heap of bittersweet in seeing how quickly my children grow up, it is immensely rewarding. Seeing the people they are growing into is the most rewarding thing in my life. Cora's favorites:
- Eating at restaurants (she is so my daughter).
- Making things, anything. Give her anything, she'll make something out of it.
- Netflix. For real, this girl could spend all day watching Dora, Diego, Inspector Gadget, and Busytown Mysteries.
- Singing her original songs as she's making them up.
- Dancing
- Playing games she makes up. Role playing.
- Staci Car (see previous post) and Dot Spot.
- School
- Bear
- Pancakes
- Her family

Yesterday was her party at school. We all went to school for her celebration with rainbow fruit skewers as a snack. It was fun. She served all the members of her class. She was so excited to have us there. Magnolia loved seeing school, and everyone loved seeing her. Ashleigh and Andrew came over for a birthday dinner. We had enchiladas and chocolate cake.

Today was her birthday party. I planned it for after school. It turned out really well. We had fruit and vegetables, chips and salsa, pickles, olives, and cupcakes. The kids all picnicked on the dining room floor on our picnic blanket. And in this modern age, I show how out of place I am as I didn't take any pictures! None. I know. I can't believe it either. We have a video from her birthday dinner.

Let me paint a picture: Pink and green paper lanterns are hanging from the ceiling in the living room. Our dining table is against our dining room windows. Atop it are the veggies on a yellow (sunflower) Fiesta platter, and the fruit is on a turquoise platter. In the middle of the table is our tangerine pizza plate with our glass cake stand on top. On top of the cake stand is an inverted turquoise chili bowl with a cupcake with the highest white frosting and topped with four pink candles. Two dozen vanilla cupcakes fill the tiers below. Chips, salsa, pickle and olives make up the right side of the table. Above the table are three quilted paper sphere.

Our picnic blanket it on the floor piled high with friends and friends' siblings. Cora was in the middle in a grey dress with a tulle skirt, black leggings and pig tails. Parents are all around visiting and having fun, too. There are a few spilled drinks, definitely sprinkles on the floor as each guest was able to decorate their own cupcake. Her room was intermittently filled with girls playing dollhouse, spinning in a blue egg chair, reading books, cooking in the kitchen, and enjoying each other. Her guests:


With parents and siblings, we were rocking a total of 21 guests. It was a lovely party. I can't wait for next year. While cleaning up, Jake said, can you imagine doing this twice a year? Magnolia probably won't have a friend party until she's 3. It was so fun to see Cora having so much fun, and it was rewarding knowing that everyone else enjoyed themselves as well. Now we get to look forward to her family party on Sunday. That's always a good time. I love Jake's family. I like birthday weeks.

PS: I read the most amazing post on a protected blog this evening. It was the insta-tears kind - about dreams. I'm hoping to get the author's permission to share it with you.


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