I've been thinking about random things. Magnolia is on the upswing after a bout with croup. She got a steroid shot at her first appointment with her new pediatrician on Friday. Jake and I have whatever silly virus Magnolia had that caused the croup. Cora is healthy. Phew. We returned home yesterday after a delightful spring break, more on that later. But we did go hiking at Robber's Cave. Legit hiking. Like we were elevated. Oklahoma does have mountains and I have seen them, and it satisfied this really big homesicknesses I've had for Arizona in the last few weeks. Phew, again. Random things: I hope I always live where I can hear church bells. It's one of my favorite sounds. Thank you, St. Luke's. We've been working out our garden and flower beds, and I just can't get over how amazing seeds are. Like for one, it's ridiculously gratifying to grow something. But mostly to me, right now, like how do the roots know how to grow down and the plant up? You throw seeds in any which way, and they just do their thing. Magic.


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