Cora had her 4 year old visit with the doctor yesterday. Yes, she turned four a month and a half ago, but we switched doctors so it was a little late. She weighs 40 pounds, which puts her in the 81st percentile for her age, and she is 42 inches tall, which puts her in the 87th percentile for her age. At her three year check she was in he 80th percentile for both height and weight. I can't wait to see what her numbers look like when she's five.

At any rate she is a tall, lovely girl who detests shots. I have never heard a child yell as loud as her when the nurse brought the needle toward her. She used to be just fine, but I think having seen Magnolia's reaction to shots combined with not really remembering her last round of immunizations made for a perfect storm. (Magnolia's first immunization resulted in projectile vomit, and she screams as soon as the nurse calls us back for our appointment (every time).

I'm using the blogger app, so I'm not sure where the picture I'm posting will end up, but we have a gigantic rose bush in our back yard. This evening I counted 178 buds (that's not a typo). I'm going to let them all bloom, but I feel like (I know) the plant needs help in the pruning department, and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Any suggestions?

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  1. I am so sorry Cora had to have a shot. I can just imagine how many tears! Grams shouldn't know about such things.

    We have a rose bush that's just as gangly. No suggestions here. We're new at roses too, so when you find out what to do with yours, let us know! I think they're pretty gorgeous trimmed back or not.



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