On the mend...sort of...I hope.

My body has been in bad shape for the last two weeks. Tomorrow will be the actual two week mark that I hurt my foot. I went to see my friend and owner of Knight Wellness Center on Monday. She adjusted my bone back in place, we worked out a wellness routine, I got homework, etc. My foot felt better, still sore, but less painful. I started coughing a little that night. No biggie. 

I got up the next morning, felt fine, and then just before I left for yoga, I felt like I hit a brick wall, you know that heavy, achy all over sick feeling? That was me, but it didn't come on gradually. I refused to miss yoga. I got the girls loaded up, I drove a few blocks, and then decided to turn around to go back home, but Cora wanted to go. So I surged on, turned back around twice, and finally, when I was all the way in Bethany, about to turn on the street of my destination, I turned around for good and drove the 8 miles back home. The magic of the ride was that Magnolia had fallen asleep. I hooked Cora up with a movie, put Magnolia in bed, and I crashed. It was seriously a miracle that Magnolia stayed in bed. I woke up in time to make some lunch and get Cora to school. I felt better, so Magnolia and I ran a few errands. 

By the time the evening rolled around, I was out of commission again. Every part of my body hurt, I was freezing, but I didn't have a fever. I put my trusty OCU hoodie on and went to bed right after the girls went to bed. I stayed in that hoodie all night and didn't take it off once the next day. I only left the house to take Cora to school. If anyone would have come up to our car, they would have smelled the Vick's emanating from my skin. 

On Thursday, I had my "yearly exam." I scheduled it several months before because I actually wanted to get in with my doctor rather than his NP. I wasn't going to miss it, but I could hardly move. When I got out of bed, I heaved up some junk, but I was so happy I didn't pass out. I made it to my appointment. My doctor took mercy on my and wrote me a prescription for a z-pak to help with the sinus infection that the initial virus had evolved into.

Somewhere in all of it, my foot had started hurting again. I went in on Friday for another adjustment. My bone was still where it should have been, so the chiropractor recommended seeing a foot specialist if it started hurting again after she adjusted it. It felt great until this afternoon. We took a walk around out neighborhood after dinner, and the pain was right up there if not worse than it's ever been. I'm going to give it a few days in hopes that it's a fluke. This is a majorly major bummer.

On the bright side: She also worked some magic on my sinuses and immune system. I'm feeling so much better every other way. YES! One of the most unfortunate things is that mothers don't get sick days. We need them. In the spirit of feeling better, I made dinner. Jake found the recipe and added it to our weekly menu. I was skeptical at first, but it was SOOOO GOOD! I have more-favorite-er mashed sweet potato recipes, but the black eyed peas 'n greens. They're knock-your-socks-off good.

Hottie Black Eyed Peas with Ginger Mashed Sweet Potatoes & Apples from the Post Punk Kitchen

Making this made me feel all Southern cook-like, which is a big deal because I'm horrible at frying things. Mostly things that require some sort of breading and frying. Fried okra, really. I've tried and tried and tried. I've had two lessons even. Two lessons for the fry-it-up master, Meemaw. And still, no. But dang it, I made beans and greens, and that means something!


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